Untitled design (2)Happy New Year

I love the first day of the new year, I love that there are 356 days of new possibilities. I love that there are 356 days to dream, to plan, to set some new goals and to make a difference.

356 days of new possibilities, how exciting.

I love looking at my planner, my diary and seeing that there is nothing in it. It is blank. It is waiting for the next adventure.

Last night I didn’t last to see in the new year, I fell asleep. I did go out for a really nice dinner with my sister and her husband. Then I came home.

The first day of the new year and I have decided that I will blog every day for January. Yes, this is my challenge.

I am wanting to get back to what I love doing and not be afraid.

What are your plans for this year?

What is something that you have been afraid of that you have been putting off?

In 2019 let’s not let fear stop us from what we really want to do.

In 2019 let us be brave and step out into the 356 days of endless opportunities.

Let 2019 be your year.

Will share more soon.


Tracey Buckley





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