School Holidays

School Holidays

I am now on school holidays, I worked for two days at a community centre and had lovely children.

So now I want to really focus on establishing the support group for people who are struggling with an eating disorder. I have nearly finished my course and will be developing business cards, policies and procedures. I know that this will take time and I want to be able to do it properly. In the meantime while I am doing this I will be learning new dance routines and also will be focusing on singing and song writing opportunities.

Sometimes you need to set the time to be creative and do the things that you really love.

I have also been working on my Facebook pages which are- Princess Heart and also Eating Disorder Support Group.  So if you know anyone that needs to be encouraged please let them know.

I am excited about the next few months and what I can really achieve.

So I am taking a deep breathe and really committing to this time.


Bling Moment

What have you put off that you love to do?



Loves and Hugs.xxpink-floral-background.jpg


Have a break

Have a break

Well we have just finished Easter and I have the Tuesday off as well. Totally blessedxx. I knew that I was tired and was doing a lot of things, I think sometimes that when you stop so does your body.  Have you been running on adrenaline on the business of your life, has your body been holding you up.

Sometimes we do need to stop and take care of ourselves and it is okay. So I have recharged my batteries ready for the next few weeks.  Which by the way is very busy and productive.  It is why we need to surround ourselves with friends who can lift us up in times like this, who can encourage us be there for us.

Bling Momment

Who encourages you, we all need someone to encourage us.


Loves and hugsxx