An Impact

An Impact

I have had such a full three weeks that has just made me stop and rethink things.

A beautiful friend, also who I worked with of mine passed away suddenly. She was amazing, inspiring and when we met up there was always an adventure with lots of laughing.  It’s been hard for all who knew her and we will miss her.

She has left such a legacy and has helped so many people.

It made me rethink that everyone we meet we can learn from them. I want to make a difference and reach out and help others.

I have also realised we may not see the difference that we make in someone’s life, we can plant a seed.  They may remember what you have said or done for them later in their life.

Bling moment- what can you do to help someone?

Loves and Hugs.xx



People That We Meet.

People That We Meet.


I found this saying and I love it.

This week has been quiet sad with some news about a friend. The news that I received was sudden, unexpected and shocked me. It has impacted a whole community.

It made me think about how we meet people, why we meet people and how they impact us. People come into our lives that inspire us and I love being around them. They make me laugh, they challenge me to live a fuller life.

Everyone we met we learn something. We don’t know by looking at them what they have been through, what is their journey. It takes time to know someone and also for them to get to know you.

Be patient and reach out to someone today.

Loves and Hugsxx