Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

So today is my birthday, today I am 45. I think having a birthday makes you think about your life and what you are doing.

I am so blessed that I have a career as a Chaplain, I love it.

What is it that I want to achieve in the next year, is always a great question to ask?

I know that I want to make a difference in the community.

I am also focusing on my singing and songwriting.

What are your dreams what are your passions. What can you do to take one step towards your dream.


Loves and Hugsxx

October Holidays

October Holidays


I have had a really lovely time during the school holidays. I worked at a holiday program and really enjoyed the children and the art work that they made. Little masterpieces I like them to be able to develop their ideas of what to do with different types of items.

Today was lovely as I had my hair cut, coloured and straightened. I am so grateful for a good hairdresser.

The holidays let me have the time to reassess what I am doing for the next term. I definitely know that I want to sing and speak and to help women and young girls know that they are valued, worthy and loved.




Loves and Hugs




Princess Heart Journey

Princess Heart Journey

On Saturday I had the best time with my music mentor who is Merelyn Carter, we had about an 8 hours non stop workshop and made some changes to Princess Heart.  I feel that Princess Heart is a journey so the new name is Princess Heart Journey. I will have new business cards which I am really excited about and am looking at having some journal made which will be called- My Princess Heart Journey.




So lots to do but I am very excited about the new journey and what will happen.

Loves and Hugs