The Cross = Love

The Cross = Love


Today I just embrace what Jesus did for us.

I cannot comprehend the sacrifice that he had made.

I am so thankful for what he has done for us.

The cross = love what he has done for us is so amazing. I don’t think that I could ever comprehend what you have done for us.

I love you Lord.



Just Breathe

Just Breathe



This week I find myself on school holidays. Yeah!

If you have been reading my blogs you may know that I work as a primary school Chaplain at three different primary schools.  I love my role, I love the opportunities that I find myself involved in and I love community.

It is a busy role packed full of delivering programs and seeing individuals on a one on one basis. The school terms in Australia are 10 weeks, we have four terms in a year.

So, this brings us to the first lot of holidays for the year.

My thought is that we need to take time to rest, we need to take time to just stop, pause and breathe.

If we are honest with ourselves we need a time to relax, reflect and pause.

When we are giving, and helping others it is important that we take the time to care for ourselves, nurture ourselves and be kind to ourselves.

I am still learning to do this well. I am still learning that it is okay to just stop and just breathe.

I am still learning that as a creative, I need these little times of space and rest to recharge.

I have realised that I need this time to reassess what I am doing.

I need this time to just explore the creative passions that I have and need to do.

It is healthy and necessary, if we are going to run this race well. It takes endurance, it takes a bit of discipline and people who you can be accountable too.

Do you need someone to help you be accountable for taking time to nurture yourself?

Beautiful friend take the time to just breathe.

Just Breathe………………………..



Go on The Retreat

Go on The Retreat


Last year I had heard about a creative retreat that was being organised by Inspire Collective. The retreat was being held In Dunsborough, now Dunsborough is beautiful place which is located down south of where I live. It’s a great place for a time away from the city. I went on the last Inspire Collective Retreat and I loved it.

Last year they had advertised and I was really torn. I had wanted to go but, I was thinking how would it work. It started on the Friday night and went to Sunday. All of those thoughts started running through my mind, how can I go I have to work and I won’t finish till 3.30pm ish. I can’t really afford to leave work early, you know the voices that try and tell us why it is not a good idea?

So, I didn’t book and I was okay with it.

Then two weeks before the Inspire Collective Retreat was to commence a beautiful friend messaged me to say that she wanted to gift me a ticket. What! It was such a lovely blessing. I didn’t have accommodation; how would I get there (I did not get the gift of directions at all).

I ended up with accommodation, I was brave and organised it with two girls who I hadn’t met before. This was through the Facebook page for the retreat.

Then the night before a beautiful and lovely friend offered to drive me. It was such a lovely gesture.

I had the most amazing weekend and met so many inspiring women. I heard amazing speakers and networked. The weekend was full and I really came away feeling inspired and encouraged.

I am going to share more of my time away in the next few blogs.

But what I really wanted to share with you is be brave beautiful one.

What is it that you would like to do that you have been putting off?

Is it going to a retreat?

Is it signing up for a course that you have been wanting to do for ages?

Is it starting to write that book that you have been wanting to do?

Whatever it is let’s do it together.

Find someone that can help you be accountable, for your decision.

Let’s encourage one another, you will be amazed at what could happen.

Will share more soon.







I had one of the most amazing weeks.

This week in my role of being a Chaplain I was so blessed to be a judge in the interschool public speaking competition. I am so amazed by the confidence of students who are able to stand up in front of an audience to deliver a poem or to speak about a topic that they have researched. The competition was difficult to judge as the standard was so high. I wanted to give two first place prizes, but as a team of 3 judges we had to agree on one junior winner and a senior winner.

I think about myself in primary school and there would be no way at all that I would put myself up for a public speaking competition.

Another event that I attend was the interschool swimming event. I loved the students who went there and did their best to represent their school. There were nerves before and excitement. They supported each other, they cheered on each other on, they cheered for the other schools and their behaviour in the bay was so lovely.  They all represented their school with pride.

The school I was at won the interschool swimming competition. I saw such great sportsmanship, so much encouragement for each other and support for each other. They also cheered on the other schools and supported them

Yes, it made me a bit teary (lucky I had my sunglasses on). They inspire me, I was so proud of them.

On Friday, I went to the Convention Centre to attend a Leadership Conference with one of my other schools. We took 15 students and it was such an amazing day. There was so much to learn, we learnt about being a leader and what does that look like. We learnt about sharing our ideas and how to take action with them.

This was my fourth time attending a GRIP leadership conference and I love being able to see the students grow in their leadership.

There were some beautiful ideas that they wanted to do. Some ideas were about helping the homeless, helping to raise funds to help students who didn’t have a school uniform, another idea was for students who didn’t have a hat for play to set up some games in the undercover area. There were also ideas for the kitchen garden at school to sell the vegetables to help raise funds for the community. I loved how they brainstormed ideas and thought of others.

So, this is what I am passionate about people making a difference. About people standing up and using their gifts to help others.

I am so grateful.