I was thinking about how fast a week can go, you mean to call a friend during the week and before you know it it the end of the week.

Today I am having a stay at home day and I love it. I have been extremely busy with school starting, meetings and other things to do.

So I am thinking how can I have some time during the day to stop and listen and breathe? What can I do to remind myself to enjoy the day to look at my surroundings? It might be a time I have placed in the diary or it can be spontanious. Taking the time to look at what is happening is something that I need to really focus on and it is a good thing.

So my challenge for this week is to let myself stop, look and take in my surroundings. How that looks daily for me, I am not sure yet, but I will let you know.

Bling Moment

What will you do to take time for yourself daily?


Loves and Hugsxx


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