Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl
November Challenge


Last week one of the photo challenges was to take a picture of connection, it talked about how easy it is for people to connect all over the world. This has been made possible through the internet and social media.

I found this one a bit challenging and decided to leave it until the weekend to focus on what connecting with others looks like for me.
I decided that coffee played a great part in connecting with people.
If you know me I love coffee and I like hot coffee.
Oh and it must be good.
I also love catching up with friends for coffee, you see I have this theory that coffee is the perfect complement to discussing what is happening in our lives.
I now love trying out different coffee places and discovering great coffee.
What happens when I meet with other for coffee?
Problems are discussed, it is time to be real with friends, we share what is going on in our lives without judgement, and solutions are found to what we are going through.
Most of all I love meeting people and being inspired by what they are doing in their lives.
Community is built, we share each other’s journeys and friendships are made stronger.

Join me in a coffee sometime this week.

Will share more soon.

Loves and Hugs



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