I have two weeks of school holidays and I am really looking forward to the break.

One of my favourite things that I love to do is turn my alarm off, I love that feeling of not being woken up and being able to sleep in.


Holidays is also a time to catch up with friends, I have amazing friends and I love that we might not see each other for a while but when we catch up, it’s like it was just last week.

Holidays are also a great time for me to reflect on my goals and dreams and to see how far I have progressed.

It also allows me the time to rearrange things that I am doing and also to say no to some things.

Saying no for me is hard, but I need to bring it back to, am I working towards my goals and dreams.

There are some things that I have not started yet at all and that was boxing. I have been meaning to go back since the beginning of the year.

A few goals that I am going to work on these holidays are-

  • Boxing you are on the list.
  • Singing and singing practice you are on the list.
  • Writing songs you are on the list.
  • Dancing, dancing classes and dance routines you are on the list.
  • Creating, Writing and blogging you are on the list.
  • Catching up with family you are on the list.
  • Speaking opportunities you are on the list.
  • Having fun you are on the list.

Next week I am so excited to catch up with an amazing friend and mentor.  I have some journaling to do before we catch up and I am excited.

I am excited because she helps me to be accountable, she encourages me, she inspires me, she motivates me and she allows me to be me.

So if you find yourself on holidays be kind to yourself if you need to rest and if you need to sleep.

Look after yourself, take this time to do things that you love.

Maybe there are things that you would like to reflect on.

I am reflecting on……………………….

Will share more soon.