Injustice Moves Her

Injustice Moves Her


This weekend provided beautiful blue skies and letting me know that spring will soon be here.

I don’t know what it is about spring, it motivates me it encourages me.

Yesterday I was sorting through things and listening to a podcast I had, which was called INJUSTICE MOVES HER it was from Hillsong Sisterhood.

It caught my attention as I listened to the speaker I was moved, I cried and I felt angry. Injustice produces a range of emotions.

The speaker spoke about women being trafficked, about people who are slaves.

She spoke and shared one story about a woman; I won’t go into it because it was very real and quite disturbing. As she spoke she apologised and said she needed to share it so that we could pray for others that where going through a similar situation.

By this stage I had stopped what I was doing and sat on the chair and listened intently.

Injustice is huge, Injustice is all around us, and Injustice can be changed.

My prayer is that Injustice can be changed.

I believe that we can make a difference. I believe that when we feel upset about injustice when we feel confused about injustice and when we feel shocked about injustice that this would propel us into doing something.

What can we do-

  • Maybe a letter to a Member of Parliament about something that is going on in your community
  • Maybe helping out with an organisation that you are passionate about
  • It could be volunteering your time
  • It could be writing about it
  • It could be joining in your local community to make a difference
  • If could be stepping out of your comfort zone.

There is so much we can do. Don’t let things overwhelm you. Find a cause that you are passionate about and donate some time.

You may never know the impact that you will have or the seeds that you will sow.

I never want to be desensitised by Injustice.

When I see Injustice I want to be known as-



Will share more soon.