Crazy Busy

Crazy Busy


I love Pinterest and was searching through it one night when I discovered one of Brene Brown’s quotes.

This quote really caught my eye.


Take sometime to read it and then read it again.

It made me reflect about my life, have I let crazy busy be my armour?

Have I let crazy busy be my day to day way of life?

Have I let crazy busy in, so that I can numb other areas of my life?

I don’t know about you but my life is full and I love what I get to do. I really do, I love my role as a primary school chaplain. I love planning programs and investing in others. I love writing, I love being a blogger and I love being a creative.

I am an encourager a cheerleader and I love that.

This week I am on school holidays and I have sometime to breathe, sometime to rest, sometime to stop and unwind. I am very grateful for holidays.

Having this time to stop, I have time to reflect on what is it that I am numbing, I have the time to reflect on how I am really feeling.

Yes, I am going to go there (insert vulnerable moment). Aahh!

To be honest I find myself siting with some thoughts, I find myself sitting in that uncomfortable place, that place that can be very messy. That place that I really don’t want to go too.

That place if I am really honest and think about the real desirers of my heart, I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes. You know those tears that start stinging the ones that you try and brush away?

So where to now?

Let’s be honest with ourselves if we need some support find someone that you can be yourself with.

Find a mentor, it is okay to ask for help it really is.

We need to be kind to ourselves when we realise that we are in the Crazy Busy moments.

We need to encourage one another.

Maybe we may need to see a professional.

Journal, pray and find some prayer warriors.

Let’s be women that can acknowledge the crazy busy, and know that asking for help is okay.











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