I haven’t blogged in a while, and I really have missed it.

A lot has been happening for me.

I found out on Monday the 13 of March that my little place where I have lived for nearly 9 years was going to be sold. At first, I thought what!!

I then thought okay maybe this is an opportunity for a new season, new things and new experiences.

I really placed my trust in God during this whole process.

After my first response of okay, then it was the thought of let’s trust.

I looked on the real estate page and saw a place that could be a possibility. My sister also saw the same place and sent it to me.

It is a lovely 2 bedrooms, one bathroom villa.

I phoned the agent and booked to look at the place, my lovely sister and my brother in law came to help me out.

We had a look and then I went home and thought about it.

I then decided that I wanted to have another look and so I did.

I then made an offer to buy the villa, another aaaghhhh moment.

I had an amazing mortgage broker that worked with me and helped me with every step.

I had on my heart what to offer and I stuck with it.

So, fast forward to May 13 and I moved into my new place. Writing this now I have realised that all of this happened in 2 months. Wow!

For me I had such a sense of peace and I knew that this was the right decision.

I really wanted to share this with you.

I really wanted to encourage you.

One of the reasons I wanted to share this was because when I knew that I needed to move I went up for prayer at the church I attended. The Pastor there prayed with me and last week I went up to share a praise report.

I wanted to encourage others that we need community, we need someone to stand in the gap for us.

I sit in my new place and just can’t believe the changes that have happened. It happened in 2 months and I am loving this new season.

Have you been through a change in your life?

How did you find it?

Did you trust the process?

Do you have a prayer request?


Will share more soon.