She is Dreaming of..

She is Dreaming of..



The last few weeks I have been recovering from a cold and yes, I am finally feeling better.

Do ever have the realisation that when you are unwell, you think of all the things that you want to do?

It gives your body sometime just to be and not be consumed by all the day to day business or distractions.  I am really not that good at being unwell and having to rest, but I am learning.

I have had two really busy weeks with some amazing professional developments for my role as a Chaplain. I have been on a course about drumming and also learning about trauma in children.

I did have one day at home because I just didn’t feel well and that is okay. (I still struggle with not being at work). I am a work in progress.

This week I have been thinking about creativity, I love being creative.

I have been thinking about how much I love writing, how much I love blogging. I really want to get back into it and also to finish my book. Oh, the book it is also a work in progress.

My Goals for June are-

  • To blog twice a week. Yes, twice a week is achievable in my very productive life.
  • I also want to make a difference in helping women with an eating disorder and I will be working on this as well.
  • To study and finish two assessment.
  • Find someone accountable with working on my book.

What are some goals that you have been dreaming of doing this month?

Is there something that we can encourage each other today?

So, she is dreaming of-

  • Making a difference
  • helping someone
  • being an encouragement
  • travelling
  • Writing a book
  • Being a woman of God
  • Helping others find their hope
  • Speaking about her journey
  • Blogging………………..

What are your dreaming of…………………………..


Will share more soon.



She is………………………….

She is………………………….



I have been thinking lately about She is…….

I have been thinking about the Proverbs 31 Woman, she is so inspiring and she really encourages me. There is so much that I am working towards.

I really want to be a Proverbs 31 woman, how about you?

This is a goal of mine.

What I really want to be is an encourager, someone that can just let a woman of God know that- hey I see you, I see what you have done and yes you have been noticed. Yes, you are an amazing woman of God you have made a difference.

I love the verse- when she speaks she has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly.

This is the verse that I want to focus on, yes, I want to say things in kindness.

Do I always get this right? Um to be honest no I don’t, I do reflect on those times that I may slip up. I feel confused and I want to learn from the times when I really don’t speak kindly of others.

I need to be lead by the Holy Spirit.

I want to be a Proverbs 31 Woman, I really do.

So, I have been thinking about-

  • I haven’t blogged for awhile and I really miss writing. I do, I really do.
  • I have been busy lately studying and working towards a Diploma of Counselling which I am really loving.
  • What I really love to do is be creative, whether this is singing, writing, blogging, journaling, art, singing and dance.

I also love encouraging others.

I am going to challenge myself to blogging every day during June.

Will share more soon.