Where to Now?

Where to Now?


This weekend I spent sometime at home, which I must say I have loved.

The last few weeks and weekends have just been full and I love it I really do.

I also have to admit that I love just spending time at home slowing down.

So, this weekend I decided to give myself a little staycation, a little time just resting, a little time just being at home.

This weekend I have-

  • watched movies
  • read books
  • listened to podcasts
  • slept in
  • gone shopping
  • cleaned my home
  • cooked meals for the week
  • wrote about my dreams and goals.

I have decided that I want to blog and I want to continue writing, I also have decided that I want to say yes to things, to be a bit more spontaneous.

I have been asking myself where to now?

Where to now?

This is such an empowering question, I want to leave a legacy.

How do I do this?

Have you asked yourself this?

Have you asked yourself, what do I want to do?

How do I achieve this?

Have you asked yourself where to now?

This is what I want to explore in the next few weeks and I would love you to journey with me.

Will you join me in this adventure?

Let’s explore where to now together.









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