Day Eight

Day Eight

day eightpic

Today I finally made it to boxing, yeah!

The first session of the year and not the last.

I love being there it is my happy place, it’s a place where I can just go and be in the moment.

I have had a break from it and not because I didn’t want to go. Life just happens.

Our minds a so powerful and we can talk ourselves out of doing the things that we enjoy.

You know those thoughts that are-

  • It is too hard
  • I can’t go tonight, I will go tomorrow (a popular one of mine)
  • I won’t be able to keep up
  • I will start next week
  • I don’t have the energy today
  • I am tired.

I am sure that you could add a few of your own.

Today I did have some of those thoughts, but I got ready and drove there and embraced the class.

It was a bit difficult, I did sweat but I got through it.

Afterwards I felt great, I loved the challenge of pushing myself to see how many sit ups or push ups I could do.

So, my commitment for this year no matter how I feel is to just go.

No matter how I feel I will not let myself talk me out of doing the things I enjoy.

My plan is just go twice a week, no matter how tired I may feel or not like going.

It is my time to give to myself. It is time to focus on my fitness.

What are you going to focus on?

Will share more soon.

by tracey buckley





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