There is something about taking a break and being on holidays.

I am on school holidays and I am so grateful for this time.

What do you like about holidays?

What do you do when you are on holidays?

I just love that I don’t have to set my alarm, it is such a freeing experience. No setting of the alarm for two weeks.

I love the space that I have to create.

Space to be creative is really important to me.

Space to create.

My heart for the last two weeks has been on singing and I really miss singing.

Is there something that you love that you have put on hold?

Is there something that makes your heart sing that you have stopped doing?

I can answer to both of these questions yes.

Why do we stop investing in the things that make us happy, that make us whole?

It is that we put other things in place of what we love?

It is because we don’t think that we are good enough?

I love the thought of what would we you do if you/I could not fail?

How would we approach what we love to do?

How would our lives be different?

I want to share something with you, I work as a primary school Chaplain and the children know that I love to sing and dance.

The children have said to me- your life is a musical.

What if we embraced our dream, our desires and what makes our heart smile?

What would our life be like?

How would our life look?

My challenge for the next few days is- to sing.

What will you do?

Be encouraged, you deserve a beautiful life.

Be brave.

Tracey Buckley


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