Lessons Rollerskating

Lessons Rollerskating


I love being an Aunty, I really do, I have three amazing nieces and a nephew.

I love having them for sleepovers, spending time with them and creating adventures.

During the holidays I had Miss 6 and Miss 14 stay with me for a two-night sleepover.

We talked about what we would like to do and decided on going roller skating.

Now I have to let you know that they had not ever been roller skating but we were up for the adventure.

Yes, we were.

We arrived at the roller skating place and went to get our skates.

We laced up our skates and then we helped Miss 6 up who then fell over, which pulled Miss 14 over and then I fell over.

We had all fallen over before we had even had the opportunity to go on the rink.

We laughed and embraced this as a memory to share.

Miss 6 after 15 minutes said we should have gone ice skating.

She held onto the wall and pushed herself around.

She fell over and I hoped that she had not hurt or broken anything.

She didn’t.

I learnt so many lessons from Miss 6.

I would love to share with you 3 lessons I learnt from Miss 6-

  1. If you stop trying you don’t know what you are capable of-

My niece wanted to give up after 15 minutes, she thought that she couldn’t roller skate. She had fallen over a lot and needed to hold onto the wall. She didn’t know how to work the skates. She said to me we should have gone ice skating.

She persisted and kept ongoing.

  1. When you fall get back up again.

Yes, this is difficult and it can hurt when we fall over.

My niece fell over quite a few times every time she fell over, I prayed that she did not break anything.

Praise God she didn’t, I know that when she fell over it did hurt but she did not stop herself from wanting to be able to roller skate.

Once again, she persisted and kept ongoing.

  1. You will need to let go of the wall eventually

Sure, it is so safe to keep holding on and not let go of the wall, but you eventually will need to step out of your comfort zone. It feels so safe and so comforting to stay in your comfort zone, but will you grow there, will you learn new things there, will you be all that you can be?

Trust yourself let go of the wall. My niece took the opportunity to let go of the wall and look at what she achieved.

She skated on her own, she was so proud of herself and her sister and I were so proud of her.

What are you going to do this week to let go of the wall?

Would love to hear from you.




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