June 2020

June 2020


I love the beginning of a new month, I really do there is something about a new month.

There is something about a new month with new opportunities, a new beginning and new opportunities.

What are you planning for this month?

Yesterday I wrote in my creative journal what I wanted to achieve in June. I am being very vulnerable here.

I have been praying and working on what I would love to achieve in June.

For June, I have planned to-

  • Pray daily
  • Work on my book
  • Blog once a week, for The Heart Project
  • Facebook, Instagram once a week
  • Finish studying one of my counselling modules
  • Be creative-sing, draw and create
  • Boxing twice a week
  • Walk twice a week
  • Finish the workshop with Jamie Ivey
  • Watch Compel training about writing
  • Stream Church, Sundays
  • Write articles for The Mighty
  • Mentor

What is something that you are working toward in June?

Let’s encourage one another.








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