Taking Time to Slow Down

Taking Time to Slow Down

I have been on holidays for nearly 3 weeks and I am really loving this time.

I am very grateful to have this time.

I really am.

I am also learning to take this time to slow down.

Yes, I know I do find it difficult, I am used to my days being busy and full.

It is a process for me learning to take the time to slow down.

I have to be intentional about it.

This is something that I have to focus on.

Why do we feel  guilty when we are not being productive or busy?

These holidays I have finally subscribed to Netflix, oh my goodness.

I splurged.

I am wondering why did it take me so long, I am loving Netflix, I have been binge watching and sitting on my couch.

I am taking back the feelings of guilty; I am taking back the need to be busy.

I am allowing myself to relax, I am allowing myself to just sit.

What is it that you are taking back this year?

Will it be I will not feel guilty about taking time for myself?

I would love to hear from you.

Will talk soon, I need to binge watch Netflix.