Lockdown Day Three

Lockdown Day Three

Today is day three of lockdown.

Today I have been able to work at home and work on programs for term one.

I have been at home all day today.

I am so grateful to be able to work at home.

Today I have been working on programs for the schools that I work at.  

I have been able to work on permission forms for the programs that I run and also for creating new Journals for girls’ group and boys’ group for this term.

Today I have been able to catch up with some amazing Chaplains over Zoom

I love Zoom and I love that we can just be there for others and catch up.

Today, was so lovely.

Today was so encouraging and inspiring.


We had the most amazing prayer time with each other.

I love prayer and praying for others.

Prayer is so important in these times.

I know that at this time prayer is so valued.

We, prayed for WA, we prayed about our lockdown, we prayed for our schools, we prayed for each other and for people in the fire affected areas and we prayed.

I would love to pray for you?

What to do you need prayer for?

Let’s encourage each other and pray for one another.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



In Perth on Sunday, we have been advised that we are in Lockdown from Sunday 31st of January from 6pm until Friday 5 of February 2021, for 5 days.

I first heard about lockdown on Sunday and I thought that I should go to the shops and buy some face masks as I didn’t know if I would have to be at school on Monday.

I didn’t know what the week would look like.

We were advised that there would be no school this week.

I just know that if we left our home, we needed to wear a mask.

My purpose for shopping on Sunday was to buy some facemasks.

I didn’t know for me how the week would be.

Well, I ventured out to the shops on Sunday and I could not believe what I saw.

The shops where even busier than they had been at Christmas time.

Actually it was even busier then Christmas.

The lines were out from the checkouts.

I was able to buy face masks for me and for my sister.

I felt so blessed.

The lines where long at the shops and I was grateful to meet a lady in line that worked at an ed support unit.

She was so lovely and let me go in front of her.

I love that when there is a crisis there are people that are so kind.

I love that in this time we can all come together and support one another.

Just wanted to let you know that if you need anything please let me know.

I am more than happy to help.