Life Of An Aunty

Life Of An Aunty

This week I had my youngest niece stay with me for four days (Monday afternoon till Thursday afternoon), we had so much fun.

I love being an Aunty I really do.

It is such a privilege.

We had many adventures over the four days.

One of our adventures included going roller skating, now this was my nieces second time at roller skating and I must say she did so well.

She didn’t fall over very much this time; she was very brave and left holding onto the wall and ventured into the middle of the rink.

We where there for about 2 hours and we didn’t have very many breaks at all.

I love how resilient she is, every time she did fall over, she laughed and got back up again. It was such a lovely atmosphere and yes, we were tired when we arrived home.

I love roller skating; I really do it is so much fun.

Our week also involved us going shopping for shirts to decorate, we brought fabric paint and a lovely soft toy which she named Rainbow.

We had takeout meals and shopped.

We also had a Yes Day where she did my makeup and hair.

She said that my hair looked like I was in the 80’s.

I also had to wear it out to the shops and yes, I did see some people that I knew.

There is something about being in the moment, there is something about a child’s laugh, there is something about seeing life through a child’s eye.

There is also something about creating memories, I love this I love creating memories.

I love spending time with my niece’s and nephew.

I love being there for them.

I want to create memories with them.


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