April Holidays

April Holidays

I have been on school holidays the last few weeks and I am very blessed.

Just to let you know if you don’t know what I do, I work as a primary school Chaplain.

It is a job that I love and feel so privileged to have.

The first term was interesting especially after being in lockdown for the first week.

It was a very interesting and productive term.

I don’t know about you but I find looking after myself a little difficult.

Well let’s be honest, I find it difficult. Aaargh!

So, now I am on holidays and I have had a lovely time.

What do I enjoy about holidays?

I enjoy-

I don’t need to set my alarm – my favourite

I can drink my coffee slowly in the morning

I love sleeping in

I can watch Netflix all day if I want to (yes, I love Netflix)

I can go shopping casually

I can be creative

I can create new goals

I can just take time to breathe

I can catch up with friends

I enjoy having my nieces for sleepovers.

Yes, my favourite is spending time with my nieces, I love creating memories.

I love spending time with them and investing in them.

I also love creating memories with them.

There is something about being an Aunty, I love being an Aunty.

I am so grateful for school holidays and for being in the moment.

What do you do on your holidays?

I would love to hear from you.


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