The situation needed a breakthrough, the situation needed a God intervention, the situation needed healing and the situation needed hope.

I sat waiting in the Urgent Care wondering if I had broken a bone in my left foot.

You see a few nights ago I awkwardly fell back onto my left foot, I iced it at the time and just thought it would be okay.

I had my youngest niece staying with me for a few days and I really did want to worry her about it.

I wanted to enjoy the time that I had with her.

Today I decided I really needed to go and see what I had done to my foot.

So, I went to Urgent Care and waited in the waiting room, I was ushed to a cubicle where I waited for the Doctor.

I decided that I would write on my phone about what was going on for me at that time.

My Thoughts at that moment

I wrote on my notes in my phone- the situation needed a miracle Lord.

I am praying for no broken bones-30 September 2021.

I wrote I am praying for healing bones mended, everything back into place.

I want to be walking and running in the freedom of Jesus.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

I am the daughter of the King.

I am praying that the answer is-healing no broken bones. Praise God.

The Doctor

The Doctor asked what had happened I explained and I said it is just bruised.

The Doctor said it is very bruised.

The Doctor send me to have an x-ray and then I went back to the cubicle to wait.

I felt like it took ages, it wasn’t really.

I prayed, I decreed.

The Doctor came back and said there is nothing broken, it is just soft tissue damage.

Praise God.

The Doctor said that I would need to wear a moon boot for the next 6 to 10 days or until the swelling subsides.

Grateful Moments

My Grateful moments are-

  • It is not broken
  • It is my left foot and I can still drive
  • It is school holidays so I can rest
  • Urgent Care was such a blessing
  • I have a moon boot
  • I have access to medical care
  • A God who hears and cares
  • Prayer

Today I am just going to rest and relax.