Being Creative

Being Creative

I love being creative, I really do.

Most of you will know if you have been following me that I work as a primary school Chaplain, which I love.

I really do.

I love spending the weekends being creative.

Creativity for me is investing in self-care.

We always talk about self-care and what that looks like.

It is really important.

I must confess sometimes I am not very good at self-care.

I know.

I had a session with my supervisor this week and she knows that this term for me has been very busy and full on.

As I have said to some people that I work with, this term just looks different.

This term has been full on.

This term has been busy.

This term has been about others.

This term has had moments when I just sit in the space with students that want to have a chat.

This term I am available for them, they are my priorities.

My self-care has been-

So, this weekend I have been looking at a course about creating a journal by Roma Waterman.

Roma Waterman is an amazing Christian woman.

I have also been posting on Tik Tok, my user name is princesssparkles24, and I would love you to follow me.

I am also on Instagram traceybuckley1.

I have also been working on making some journals as well.

I am committing this week to create something every day and posting it.

I would love to hear what you are doing for self-care, let’s encourage one another.

I am also passionate about community.

Love you