Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen

day fourteenpic

I haven’t blogged for 3 days and I am okay with it. Well!  I know that I had wanted to blog everyday for January, but sometimes life happens.

Sometimes we just have to go with what happens and not be hard on ourselves.

It doesn’t mean that I have to give up on this goal, no I will get back into it.

This is a difficult lesson for me and I need to be kind to myself.

It doesn’t mean that I have failed.


Sometimes things will try and derail us from out goal or send us off into another direction. Be encouraged we don’t have to settle for that, we can choose how the story will end.

We can choose, how refreshing it that.

The last few days, I have just been enjoying life. I went out for lunch on Friday and I spent the weekend sorting and organising my house.

I have two very precious guest coming to spend sometime with me this week and I have been getting ready for them to arrive.

They are two of my nieces and I may not be able to blog tomorrow.

I want to spend as much time with them as I can and just be in the moment with them, while they are here.

These are the memories that I look forward to.

These are the moments that I love.

Be kind to yourself this week.

Will share more soon.


by tracey buckley

Day Ten

Day Ten

day tenpic

There is something about a brand-new day.

There is something about a beautiful sunrise.

There is something about being blessed.

There is something about when you wake up with purpose, when you wake up with a passion.

What is your passion?

One of my goals for this year is to commit to two boxing sessions a week.


This week I completed my first challenge.

I am so loving being on holiday’s and just having the space to create.

I am so grateful for having the space to just rest, to just spend time to journal and to discover what is really important.

There is so much that I want to achieve this year.

I don’t want 2019 to just be a copy of 2018, I don’t want this year to be different/

I want 2019 to be the year of stretching, the year that I step out of my comfort zone.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, is something that I want to do this year.

I know that it will be challenging, I know that it will take commitment and yes I am really for this.

I am!

I have this on my heart-I want to make a difference.

This is my heart’s cry.

What is on your heart?

Will share more soon.

by tracey buckley




Day Nine

Day Nine


I have been reading Lysa Terkeurst book -It’s not supposed to be this way and it is really speaking to me.

Don’t you love it when you pick up a book to read and you realise this is where I am at the moment. This is what I am thinking about.

It is like the author is right there speaking to me.

I am encouraged and inspired by others who can write about their difficult journey or experience.

I am encouraged by their vulnerability and their honesty.

For I long time I have wanted to write about my journey, I wanted to write about recovery and that it is possible. I wanted to write to let others know that there is hope and that you have a future.

I love encouraging others and I want to make a difference.

The book is a work in progress and I really wasn’t sure how I wanted to structure the book. Then a few years ago I started writing devotionals for a publication in America. I had never written a devotional before, I submitted it and it was published. What!

I few years ago I went on a writing retreat and was focusing on how I was going to write my book. I didn’t want there to be triggers for the reader, that was my biggest concern. The amazing person running the retreat met with everyone individually to mentor us. While we where discussing the book, I thought that maybe I could write a devotional about my journey. Yes, a light bulb moment had happened.

As I write this, the focus for 2019 is to get back into my writing.

I am going to look at submitting for publications.

The focus will also be about finishing the devotional book and working on a journal.

Yes, I can do this.

Yes, this is the year.

What are you going to finish this year?

Will share more soon.

by tracey buckley

Day Eight

Day Eight

day eightpic

Today I finally made it to boxing, yeah!

The first session of the year and not the last.

I love being there it is my happy place, it’s a place where I can just go and be in the moment.

I have had a break from it and not because I didn’t want to go. Life just happens.

Our minds a so powerful and we can talk ourselves out of doing the things that we enjoy.

You know those thoughts that are-

  • It is too hard
  • I can’t go tonight, I will go tomorrow (a popular one of mine)
  • I won’t be able to keep up
  • I will start next week
  • I don’t have the energy today
  • I am tired.

I am sure that you could add a few of your own.

Today I did have some of those thoughts, but I got ready and drove there and embraced the class.

It was a bit difficult, I did sweat but I got through it.

Afterwards I felt great, I loved the challenge of pushing myself to see how many sit ups or push ups I could do.

So, my commitment for this year no matter how I feel is to just go.

No matter how I feel I will not let myself talk me out of doing the things I enjoy.

My plan is just go twice a week, no matter how tired I may feel or not like going.

It is my time to give to myself. It is time to focus on my fitness.

What are you going to focus on?

Will share more soon.

by tracey buckley




Day Seven

Day Seven

day seven

I have taken up gardening this year, well at least trying to keep the plants that I brought alive.

I don’t really like gardening, which is why I am more than happy having a very small garden out the front of my house.

Now I have tried growing things herbs and a cactus which ended very sadly. I mean a cactus how hard is it to look after a cactus?

I do have a beautiful frangipani tree out the front which really is looking after itself.

So, I have been watering the plants every night since Friday. I am not even sure if I am giving them to much water or not enough.

It makes me think about how we look after ourselves and how much we nurture ourselves. Are we able to care for others better then ourselves and then wonder if we are using the left-over water for us?

If I am to be honest, I would probably use more of the water and care on others and then wonder how much I need for myself.

It is something that I want to get better this year, caring for myself and making sure that I am healthy.

There is a saying that when we are healthy, we are able to care more for others (something like that). It’s a balance that I want to work on this year.

How are you going with nurturing and caring for yourself?

What are some of your plans to invest in yourself?

Will share more soon.


by tracey buckley



Day Six

Day Six

day sixpic


This morning I woke early again, I don’t know why?

Doesn’t my body know that I am holidays and I don’t need to get up this early?

So, I made myself a coffee, so grateful for coffee.

I went to church this morning, the first for 2019 and I was expectant.

I love worship at church, I love being in the moment.

At church the question was asked what are your new year resolutions?

Well to be honest I don’t have any, I am wanting to work on goals and plans for this year.

I want to make a difference and this has been what I have wanted to do for a while.

I have a heart to impact and help others, which I really love.

So tomorrow I am catching up with someone to talk through what is on my heart.

I think that it is important to have people that can speak into your life, to have people that can help you see a way when you feel stuck.

Do you have someone that can help you with this?

Do you have someone that can just speak into your life?

They may see a way where you don’t see one at the moment.

I am praying that 2019 will be a year of change, a year of growth, a year of breakthrough, a year of new possibilities and full of adventures.

Yes, 2019.

Will share more soon.


by tracey buckley

Day Five

Day Five

day fivepic

I have had this scripture on my heart for the beginning of this year and the scripture is Isaiah 43:19.

In Isaiah 43:19 we read-

For I am about to do something new.

See, I have already begun!

Do you not see it?

I will make a pathway through the wilderness.

I will create rivers in the wasteland.

I love this scripture it is all about His promise.

He is making things new.

Have faith look at it through eyes of faith.

See it dream it.

He is making all things new, I love this He is making all things new.

Believe, pray and seek.

I have been working on my vision board, which is a work in progress and one thing that I would love to do this year is send out encouraging messages.

Last year during school holidays I asked if anyone would like an encouraging message. Anyone who had like the post I sent them a message. Loved the feedback that they received their message at the right time.

So, my thought for today is, would you like to receive an encouraging message?

Please message me and I would be more then happy to send you one.


Will share more soon.