A few Sunday’s ago, I was walking into the Church that I attend I had this thought, that this is the place for the broken. Church is the place for Broken People.  We can walk into Church and we can just be. We can just breathe. This is the place where we can just be us, the place where we don’t have to have it altogether, where we can just be ourselves, the place where we can be real.

This is the place that we can bring our brokenness and lay it at Jesus feet.

I really wanted to share this for anyone who is feeling Broken.

May this be the day that you wipe away those tears of shame of loss of disappointment of loneliness of confusion and of rejection.

May today be the day where those tears that you have cried, have made you stronger.

That today may you no longer struggle with those thoughts of brokenness, of shame and of loss.

May today be the day that you know how much that you are loved.

May today be the day that you realise that someone is cheering you on.

We all have those days where we feel that we have let ourselves down. We all have those days where we feel disappointed in ourselves, where we feel so hurt and broken. We all have those dark and lonely times when we are experiencing great hurt.

Have you been there, has this happened to you?

We need to be gentle with ourselves.

You are not alone.

Find a Church that can help you.

Find someone that can pray with you.

Look after yourself beautiful one.







Do Something New

Do Something New



I have an idea for the month of March, for the month of March I have decided for myself to embrace in a new challenge.

Yes, take a deep breath.

Yes, embrace the month of March.

Yes, I am going to do this!

Yes, I can do this!

Yes, I am committed to this.


Just say yes.

Yes, I love this.

In the month of March, I will do something different, go somewhere different and try something different.

Yes, this is what I have decided.

Yes, this is what I have agreed upon.

What I want to do is blog about what I have chosen to do.

Yes, I am going to have to be brave.

Yes, I am going to have to try something new.

Yes, I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone.

Now for me I do love doing something new and yes, I do love challenging myself.

My challenge though is to follow through on the goals that I set myself.

How will this all work out for me?


This is what I have decided to do, I am going to do something different once a week.

Once a week for me is achievable.

I am sharing this with you so I can be accountable with you.

Yes, really you are going to help me with this new adventure.

I love that you are going to be on this journey with me.

I will share more soon.









Today I have been thinking about community and how important it is.

I am so encouraged by community, I am so encouraged when a community comes together and supports one another.

There is something about being in community.  There is something about the strength of a community. There is something about the support of a community.

I love my role as a primary school Chaplain, I have mentioned this before in a few blogs, but I really do. I love what I get to do.

I am so blessed in the community (schools) that I get to be a part of.

I am in awe of their passion for the students that they are journeying with.

I am so encouraged by the people that I work with and how they go the extra mile for students in their school.

I am so encouraged by their commitment, I am so encouraged about their passion, I am so encouraged about how they want to make a difference. I am so encouraged about their vision. I am so encouraged how they want every student to have the best possible experience at school.

I am so encouraged and love how much they care.

I am so encouraged about how much they give of their time.

There are so many behind the scene moments that we will never know about.

The community that I am involved in spend hours in their own time working on preparing for their students.

I know all about this because I see this and I hear about this.

Let’s support each other in the community that we find ourselves in.






She Dreams…….

She Dreams…….



How is your year going?

I wanted to discuss with you your goals and new year resolutions for the year.

New year resolutions can be so exciting to make on new years day, but what happens after new year day. What happens after all the excitement and celebration of the night and then the next few days?

Have you been working on the goals and dreams that you have made at the beginning of the year?

Do you find yourself feeling guilty of saying to your friend yes, I am going to do this and I will achieve it this year?

Do you feel the overwhelming guilt of being in February and not achieving any of your goals?

I know that I struggle with my goals at times, I struggle with the expectations that I can place on myself. I can struggle with the timeline that I give myself.

One of my goals for this year is to complete my diploma in counselling studies. I have decided that I would like to finish my course by July 2018. Yes this year! Aaahh!

I have been working toward my goal this year, I have scheduled in and have written in my goals planner how much I with commit to studying the Diploma in Counselling this year.

How are you going with your new year goals?

Are you working towards achieving them or have you just placed them somewhere out of sight?

Don’t feel discouraged this is a safe place for you to be real, this is a place for you to say how you are really going.

You are amazing, be encourage, let’s all encourage one another to be all that we have been designed to be.


What Makes You Smile?

What Makes You Smile?



I have been thinking about this for a while, What Makes You Smile?

Sometimes we can become so consumed by what we are doing that we can forget to think about the things that make us smile.

We can be so busy, we can forget in our days to just stop and breathe.

We can become so busy ticking of our to do list that we forget to focus on what is really going on in our life.

Have you been just so busy going about your day to day routines, that you just find yourself exhausted?

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day arriving home and you just want to crash on the lounge and do nothing?

What if we reflected on our day?

What if we went about our day with purpose with the intention that I will focus on those moments that make me smile?

I need to remind myself of this as well.

What makes you smile?

I love this question and I have had to remind myself to focus on this as well.

Some things that make me smile are-

  • My church
  • Working at amazing schools
  • The people I work with
  • Being in community
  • Seeing a beautiful sunset
  • Hanging out with my nieces and nephew
  • Being creative
  • Laughing
  • Writing
  • Seeing people grow
  • My family
  • Supportive friends
  • Passionate people
  • The beach

I could add so much to the list.

I am just so grateful for what I have and this makes me smile.

I would love to hear from you what makes you smile.

Will share more soon.