I am passionate about seeing the best in others.

 I really am.

I am passionate about encouraging others.

I really am.

I am passionate about encouraging others in what they are passionate about.

I really am.

How do you encourage others?

How do you support others?

I would love to hear from you.

I would love to hear how you support others.

I always want to invest in others and let them know that they are worthy, valued and loved.

I am passionate about investing in others.

This is my heart’s cry.

I love sending encouraging messages to others.

I really do.

Last year I had a project where I would send encouraging messages to others.

I posted them in the mail.

This was such a fun project.

It was an interesting project because I really did not know how much a stamp would cost.

So, today I am thinking would you like an encouraging message?

Please comment and let me know.

I would love to send you one.

Let’s encourage and support each other.

Let’s be someone’s cheerleader.

Let’s make a difference today.

A few years ago, a friend of mine and my mentor encouraged me to say yes to things.

She encouraged me to have a year of saying yes.


Now I am not talking about being risky or doing anything dangerous, no not at all.

I am talking about saying yes to new opportunities, to new adventures, to trying something different.

I am saying yes, to changing how I do things, to learning new things.

I am saying yes to changing my routine, to being creative.

I am saying yes to things that I would say no to.

I want to say yes.

I want to Embrace Yes.

I loved that year that I said yes to things and I grew so much in that time.

It was a great time and it challenged me and I really needed it.

I did the opposite of everything that I would usually do

I have decided that for the next 11 weeks I am going to embrace Yes.

I don’t know what it is going to look like, I don’t know what I will be saying yes to or what I will be experiencing.

I do know that I will say yes.

I do know that I am excited about this.

I do know that I am up for the challenge of Yes.

I will be blogging every week about saying yes and letting you know what is happening.

I am excited about this.

Embrace Yes.

Let’s encourage one another.

April Holidays

April Holidays

I have been on school holidays the last few weeks and I am very blessed.

Just to let you know if you don’t know what I do, I work as a primary school Chaplain.

It is a job that I love and feel so privileged to have.

The first term was interesting especially after being in lockdown for the first week.

It was a very interesting and productive term.

I don’t know about you but I find looking after myself a little difficult.

Well let’s be honest, I find it difficult. Aaargh!

So, now I am on holidays and I have had a lovely time.

What do I enjoy about holidays?

I enjoy-

I don’t need to set my alarm – my favourite

I can drink my coffee slowly in the morning

I love sleeping in

I can watch Netflix all day if I want to (yes, I love Netflix)

I can go shopping casually

I can be creative

I can create new goals

I can just take time to breathe

I can catch up with friends

I enjoy having my nieces for sleepovers.

Yes, my favourite is spending time with my nieces, I love creating memories.

I love spending time with them and investing in them.

I also love creating memories with them.

There is something about being an Aunty, I love being an Aunty.

I am so grateful for school holidays and for being in the moment.

What do you do on your holidays?

I would love to hear from you.

Life Of An Aunty

Life Of An Aunty

This week I had my youngest niece stay with me for four days (Monday afternoon till Thursday afternoon), we had so much fun.

I love being an Aunty I really do.

It is such a privilege.

We had many adventures over the four days.

One of our adventures included going roller skating, now this was my nieces second time at roller skating and I must say she did so well.

She didn’t fall over very much this time; she was very brave and left holding onto the wall and ventured into the middle of the rink.

We where there for about 2 hours and we didn’t have very many breaks at all.

I love how resilient she is, every time she did fall over, she laughed and got back up again. It was such a lovely atmosphere and yes, we were tired when we arrived home.

I love roller skating; I really do it is so much fun.

Our week also involved us going shopping for shirts to decorate, we brought fabric paint and a lovely soft toy which she named Rainbow.

We had takeout meals and shopped.

We also had a Yes Day where she did my makeup and hair.

She said that my hair looked like I was in the 80’s.

I also had to wear it out to the shops and yes, I did see some people that I knew.

There is something about being in the moment, there is something about a child’s laugh, there is something about seeing life through a child’s eye.

There is also something about creating memories, I love this I love creating memories.

I love spending time with my niece’s and nephew.

I love being there for them.

I want to create memories with them.

Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and I am reflecting on all that Jesus did.

I can’t imagine what Jesus went through, I really can’t.

I am so grateful for all that he did.

What does Good Friday mean to you?

What do you do on Good Friday?

I would love to hear from you.

Today I am taking time to reflect, to read His word, to worship and to pray.

Good Friday

It will be soon be Easter, there are two days until Good Friday.

There is something about the Easter story and how much God loves us.

I don’t know what you believe about the bible, but I really wanted to encourage you that you are valued.

I have read the Easter story about Jesus.

You can read the Gospel’s about Mark, Matthew, Luke and John to hear their testimony.

I would love to hear what you think about their stories.

Good Friday is such an important day for us.

It is the day that Jesus was crucified for us.

Then we move towards Easter Sunday where Jesus rose again.

I will share more about this on Easter Sunday.

I would love to hear from you and how you celebrate Easter.

How do you celebrate good Friday?

I would love to pray for you at this time.

Let me know if you need prayer, you can contact me.

Let’s encourage and pray for one another at this time.

Let’s make a difference.

You are worthy, valued and loved.

Make Time to be Creative

Make Time to be Creative

I don’t know about you but I love being creative, I really do.

I find that it encourages me.

I find that it inspires me.

I find that it helps me.

Being creative for me is about being mindful.

It is about being in the moment.

I love being creative.

How have you been creative this week-

 Have you journaled?

 Have you had a creative date?

 Have you shared what you created on social media?

 Have you shared what you have created with a friend?

Let’s encourage on another.

Let’s be brave.

Your creativity could encourage someone.

Being creative for me is important, being creative is my outlet, being creative is who I am.

Let your creativity begin.

She Has Hope

She Has Hope

Today I really wanted to encourage you.

I don’t know what is going on in your life, but I want to say that you are not alone.

I want to let you know that there is hope?

There really is.

Even if you cannot see it, even if you cannot feel it, don’t give up.

I know when I was going through a very challenging time in my life, I didn’t know how I was going to recover.

I didn’t know how things would work out.

I had to have faith.

I had to believe that He would work out everything for good.

And He did, in the most amazing ways.

I also had amazing faithful friends that stood in the gap for me.

Who is standing in the gap for you?

Who is a prayer warrior for you?

If you need prayer please let me know, I am here for you.