The Creative Adventure

The Creative Adventure


Yesterday, which was Saturday I had an early start I was on the road at 7.15am heading to 3 creative workshops.

I can hear you already 7.15am, yes, I know but for me, this was an adventure a creative adventure.

I was heading to Rockingham in Perth which is about 40 minutes away from where I live.

I arrived for my first workshop which started at 8.30am a time to just write.

For me, there is something about being in a creative space with other creatives. I love meeting creatives and hearing about what they are doing, what inspires them and their tips on writing.

I love a place of encouragement.

I love the space to get out of the house and work on my writing.

I spent time working on my book and I did achieve a lot yesterday.

There was one part in the day where Amanda (the facilitator) asked us all, what are your writing goals for the rest of the year.

We all took the time to share and say out loud what we were going to do.

My goals are to write a blog once a week and have my first draft finished of my book by the end of September.


Yes, that is my goal.

When was the last time you spent time with other creatives?

When was the last time you were inspired to write more?

When was the last time you invested in your creativity?

I would love to hear what you are working on.

Let’s encourage one another on this creative adventure.


by tracey buckley




You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alonepic


Daily Reading

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you.


I love this scripture, I love that God goes with us and he will never leave us nor forsake us.

This for me is so comforting.

This is like a warm comforting blanket on a cold winter’s day.

There are times when I can feel so alone, yes, I really do.

I can feel quite isolated, I can feel that I am doing life all alone.

I can sometimes feel left out and that I am lost.

I have felt that I am not included in things. Yes, this does break my heart.

I can feel that I am overlooked.

Can you relate to this?

I know that I am not alone, I know that God is with me.

I am so grateful that God is with me.

I feel so much comfort in this scripture.

This scripture encourages me not to fear or be afraid.

This scripture encourages me to be brave.

This scripture encourages me to trust God.

He has my best interest.

What does this scripture mean to you?

How do you feel knowing that God will never leave you nor forsake you?

Does this bring comfort to you?

I would love to hear from you.

Let’s encourage one another.

Tracey Buckley




Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Stepping Outpic

Last week I was so blessed to be able to go to a camp at one of the schools that I work at.

I love my role as a primary school Chaplain and I really love what I get to do. I am so grateful for everything that I am able to experience.

Being a Chaplain, I am always stepping out of my comfort zone and expanding my world.

The camp was so amazing, we were in such a beautiful place in Perth near the Ocean.

It wasn’t really camping we were in dorms, which was okay.

There were so many activities that the children were able to be involved in.

One of the activities that I found stepping out of my comfort zone was… Abseiling.


I had been Abseiling at another camp about two years ago.

So, the instructor asked who would like to go up first and demonstrate? I looked around at the students who were like no, not me.

I volunteered myself to go and demonstrate how to abseil.

So, I climbed up the ladder, focusing on what was ahead and not looking at what was behind me.

The ladder for me was challenging.

When I found myself up on the platform, I could feel my heart beating loudly.

Yes, I was feeling nervous, but I was also feeling excited about what I was going to do.

I walked over to the instructor whose name was Sven.

I had to place my life into his hands, aahh.

I really had agreed with Sven to let the students know that they were safe.

I was harnessed in and Sven asked me to slowly lean back on the edge of the structure.

I could feel the slack of the rope and was wondering what had happened?

He then proceeded to let everyone know that I was safe, but he didn’t let me know about his demonstration.

Then his phone rang, I said to him what, don’t answer your phone and he replied I’m not I am putting it on silence.

I really had to place my trust in Sven and know that he had me and would now let me fall.

So, after the demonstration, I listened to his instructions and made my way down.

Yes, I made it to the end and I did go up and have another go.

Was I concerned the second time?

To be honest yes.

Stepping out…………….

What is something that you have stepped out this week?

Tracey Buckley



When Your Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life

When Your Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life


When Your Thoughts Are Ruining Your life

Daily Reading

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Daily Devotional

So, I have been thinking about when you have those negative thoughts that bombard you.

You know the ones that say-

  • You are not good enough
  • You cannot do anything right
  • You will never be any good
  • You are a fraud
  • You are useless
  • You don’t deserve to have a good life
  • You don’t deserve…………….

And then there are the what-ifs……….

Worry, worry and more worry.

I know them well.

Those are the thoughts of condemnation and shame.

This is not what God thinks about you.

He wants you to be made whole and well.

Yes you might have made mistakes, yes you might have upset someone, yes you are still on the journey.

Yes, you might be regretting things that you have said and done.

What do we do when the thoughts are consuming us?

Pray give them over to God and let Him heal you.

Read His word and see what He says about you.

Let His peace be over your mind today.

Be anxious for nothing.

Read that again.

You will get through this.

I love that we are a work in progress.

Today make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and just breathe. Just breathe.

Tracey Buckley

6 am

6 am

6 am pic

This morning my alarm went of at 6am, at first, I wanted to sleep in, I was so tempted to just turn the alarm of and sleep.

But, I didn’t.

I got up and had a coffee and then got ready for my boxing session.

I love the challenge of increasing my fitness and challenging myself. I love challenging myself with things that I thought that I could not do. There were moments when I looked at what we had to do next and thought to myself- I can’t do that.


When it came to my time to complete a session, I did it.

It is amazing how the mind can impact the body.

Then after my boxing session I had a singing lesson.

Once again, I had to challenge my mindset and listen to my singing teacher.

I love the whole process.

This afternoon was such a winter day, so I worked on some creative projects.

I worked on a course by an amazing friend about- Rest and looked at my goals for the next few weeks.

Then I finished a writing workshop.

I am so looking forward to the next 6 months.

What are you looking forward to?

I would love to hear from you.

Tracey Buckley



She Is......

Today my alarm went of at 6.30pm, I really wanted to turn it of and go back to sleep.

That would have been so lovely. I would have loved that.

My week has been so full and I am always up early.

My alarm during this week is around 5.55am.

So, for today, sleeping in today would have been so lovely.

But no, I didn’t.

I did not ignore my alarm.

I had decided that I would commit to boxing.

I decided that I would get up.

This is what I wanted for Saturday and I really wanted to be at boxing.

I wanted to be at boxing at 8am and yes, I made it.

There is something about getting up and just committing to something.

Yes, it might be hard.

Yes, it be difficult.

What can you commit to that you are wanting to achieve?

Let’s encourage on another.

After my boxing session then I had a sing lesson.

My singing lesson was so encouraging.

Saturdays are for……………..

Tracey Buckley


There Is Still Time

There Is Still Time

There Is Still Time

Lately I have had on my heart these 4 words-


There is still time.

There is still time!

Do you believe this.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel that I have missed out on my dreams.

There are times that I feel that I will not achieve the goals and plans that I have set for myself.

There are times that I feel that that maybe I am not good enough.

I even have the thought of just give up.


I tend to procrastinate; I may come up with all the excuses of why not to achieve something.

I am pretty good at this.

Then I come back to – there is still time.

Yes, this is a new month full of new possibilities.

A new month to work on those goals and plans.

Let’s work on this together.

Let’s be accountable to someone.

What are your plans for June?

What do you what to achieve in June?

Let’s encourage one another.

There is still time, do you believe this.


There is still time.

Tracey Buckley