I have been thinking a lot about planning and goal setting lately.

I love setting goals and achieving them, it can include daily goals/plans, weekly or larger goals.
My thought for now is what we do when we achieve our goals?

What do we do when we have made the commitment, when we have set apart time, when we have prioritised and said no to others things?

How do we celebrate our goals or do we?

I was reminded of this when one of the schools that I work at had a goal setting night for year 6’s and their parents. On the worksheet was the question what are your 3 great successes?

It’s an interesting questions and it did prove a bit difficult to answer.
We sometimes put down what we have achieved.
We may say yes but it was easy or it’s only a small things others have done it.

I know that when I finished studying for my Diploma in Child Care (which was a while ago now) I was going to celebrate by going on a cruise, yeah well that didn’t happen.

So I am going to challenge myself to celebrate the little things that I have achieved.

I am going to remind myself this week to Celebrate Well.

How do you celebrate when you reach your goals?
What are your ideas?

Will share more soon.