Get Excited

Get Excited


Hello to the first day of 2017 and welcome to the new year.

Last year I found embracing 2016 very hard.  I really struggled to get excited about the new year. It might have been due to the fact that I was tired or exhausted, I felt like I crawled across the finish line, that I just made it over. I did make it but I wasn’t filled with joy, I wasn’t even excited about writing in my planner or writing on my reflection pages. I didn’t have the energy to dream.

Fast forward to today where I am excited to write in my journal for 2017. I feel like I have cartwheeled right into 2017. I am excited to dream, to plan to write and to work on my reflective pages for this year.

I don’t know what has happened?

But I kinda like it.

So, I have decided that January is all about Adventures.

Yes, let’s have an adventure.

The word adventure has been coming up a lot for me I think that 2017 is the Year of Adventures.

I few years ago, a good friend and mentor of mine challenged me to say yes to things. I think that I need to do this again and just see what happens.

So Yes, to trying new things.

Yes, to going on adventures.

Yes, to not doing the same things over and over.

Yes, to getting excited for this year.

What are you excited about this year?

Is there something that you are going to try this year?

What is your word, for the year?


Get excited!