Day Seven #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Day Seven #makingadifferenceinmay2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl……………..


Oh my goodness last night was very busy for me.


I was going through my list of what I needed to do. Then I was thinking about what I had to do for work the next day.



Do you ever have days like this?


A bit of an overload but that’s okay, I love the diversity in my life.


I love living for a purpose and living on purpose.


May is making a difference month.


Last night I was going over my testimony which I am sharing tomorrow and I am really looking forward to this opportunity.






Then I was preparing for the next school holidays which I am working a few days. I love the planning, I am planning for 6 sessions. It strange to be thinking about the next school holidays we need to be able to have the program ready.


Then I was working on another talk that I will be sharing next week.


Then in June I have another talk that I will be sharing.  So I was working on that.


I also was preparing my blog and doing my daily 365 days book.




I did get every done that I needed too.


When I arrived at work today I also was able to complete my entire tasks that I needed to do.


I love that feeling. 


The feeling of being able to achieve your to do list.


It is a sense of accomplishment.


Living a full and abundant life.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs