Today did not start that well, I woke up feeling a bit blah so I have had a day of reflection.

I have decided that I am going to get serious about singing and finding myself a guitarist, I want to be able to go to open mic nights and work on new songs.  I am also going to choose 5 songs to really practise on so that I am better prepared for open mic’s. I have also booked a singing lesson with my speech level singing teacher and I am really excited about that.

I also will be recommencing boxing hopefully tomorrow when I am feeling a bit better. My boxing place has been closed for two weeks (for the holidays) and they reopened on Monday. Missing boxing.

I have also signed up for Samba Bootcamp which is going for once a week for four weeks, looking forward to getting back into Samba.

Today has been good.

Working toward the goals for this year.

Princess Heart is still my main goal for this year.


Loves and Hugsxx