This morning I went to church and I was on roster in the lounge.  It is my 2nd last time volunteering in the lounge, I have been helping out there for 4 years. It is a bit sad but I am moving on to help out on Monday nights at church. I am excited about meeting new people and being able to help out. New plans new ideas looking forward to new things.

Change is a big part of what I am doing this year. I am making new plans and mixing it up a bit.

This will allow me time also to work on Princess Heart my dream, it is time to focus on helping out in the community. It will also allow me time to work on singing and songwriting. It will also allow me time to meet people to socialise and to be expectant.

I am really looking forward to these new plans.


Bling Moment-

Today I am praying to be expectant, to go confindently and to pray for new experiences.


Loves and Hugsxx