Being Single

Being Single

I have been thinking about being single a lot lately.

People will ask me are you married, do you have children? These are well meaning questions and I don’t mind them, really I don’t. My answer is always no not yet. Does it upset me when people ask me this question? No not really but it does remind me that I am single.

Would I like to be married and have children, definitely but I am waiting for the right person. I know that this is a dream of mine and I still have hope that I will one day (hopefully soon) that I will meet an amazing Man of God.

In the meantime will I be sitting around waiting? No! I am going to be out and enjoying life, having adventures, discovering more about my strengths, gifts and talents. I will be living a full abundant life while I wait.

I pray that 2014 is the year where I will meet an amazing man.

Loves and Hugs.xx




Loves and Hugsxx





I am on holidays from work and I know that I have to rest for the year ahead. Rest does not come easy for me, I can do it for a few weeks and then my brain starts planning and thinking about things I can do.

I know that it is important for my health and for me socially and emotionally.

So what is rest, how do we stop ourselves from  being busy all the time and take the time out to reflect? Take the time to just reflect on what is important.

Being creative for me is rest, being about to draw, write and read is my rest. I have learned this and I am going with it.Image

Love and Hugs.xx


2014 Dream Big

2014 Dream Big

So we are now into the 4th day of 2014, I really want to try new things and explore life.

I am on holidays now until school goes back and I really want to try some different things. Today I met my lovely friend for coffee and we talked about doing three things before the end of January. 

So I will let you know what they are-

1. To learn how to ice skate

2. Skydiving

3. Going to the beach.

All of these I have wanted to do for so long and now I have decided that it is time to just try. It fills my with a bit of fear, excitement and out of my comfort zone. 

I have also decided that I will blog twice a week and let you know of my next adventure.

Loves and Hugs.xxImage