Being Single

Being Single

I have been thinking about being single a lot lately.

People will ask me are you married, do you have children? These are well meaning questions and I don’t mind them, really I don’t. My answer is always no not yet. Does it upset me when people ask me this question? No not really but it does remind me that I am single.

Would I like to be married and have children, definitely but I am waiting for the right person. I know that this is a dream of mine and I still have hope that I will one day (hopefully soon) that I will meet an amazing Man of God.

In the meantime will I be sitting around waiting? No! I am going to be out and enjoying life, having adventures, discovering more about my strengths, gifts and talents. I will be living a full abundant life while I wait.

I pray that 2014 is the year where I will meet an amazing man.

Loves and Hugs.xx




Loves and Hugsxx




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