Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

I Am a Work in Progress

In August I want to learn to take things slowly.

I felt the week leading up to going to Sydney was packed and I had heaps to do.
I didn’t realise but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed I didn’t realise how overwhelmed I was feeling at the time.
I think that when I stopped I felt that weird sensation in the pit of my stomach. Yes that it where, I feel my stress in my stomach.

So how am I going to change to really embrace each day fully?

Well to start of I am going to reduce my to do list.
Yes really I am!

I want to spend more time with my family and with my nieces and nephew. I don’t want to miss out on seeing them growing up.

I want to catch up with my friends more and to meet new people.
I want to explore where I live and go out for coffee and wine more.

I still want to be creative but I want to be intentional when I am creating.

I am excited about being on the worship team at church and I love singing to God. This is such an answer to prayer.

So taking things a bit easier and not over committing myself is going to be challenging but to run my race I need to pace myself.

I want to be able to do my work well, and do it with passion and dedication.

Will share more tomorrow.

Loves and Hugs



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