Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl
December Moments

I have had an amazing week and weekend and it has been very busy.
Today I am totally exhausted and was planning to continue on with my Christmas Shopping, but I have decided to just rest up a bit.
Friday I went to work and then we celebrated with one of the staff members that were retiring. It was such a beautiful afternoon, with lots of chatting and laughing.
Then I went to youth group which was the last one for the year and we had a Christmas Party.
This was lovely and a great way to celebrate the end of the year.

Yesterday my two beautiful nieces where in the Christmas Pageant, which was really exciting.
My sister drove me, my nieces and my sister in law into the city. My nieces where dressed up in their costumes. We went and had a look at all the Christmas decorations in Myer, they were amazing. Then it was time to have something to eat and then walk to the Convention Centre for the girls to meet up with their musical theatre company.

It was amazing, the colours, the outfits, all the hours of work that had gone into all the outfits, the excitement, seeing all the creative groups that are in WA.
I loved being in the environment of all the busyness and the creativity.

Then it was time to leave my nieces and find our seats in the busy crowd.
We walked along the street where people had already found there perfect place to watch the pageant.

We managed to find our perfect place as well, right in the front which was great.
We had a little while to wait and so we just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Then it was time the pageant had started at 7.30pm. We saw our nieces and they were amazing they were waving to the crowds, high fiving people. I must say that I really enjoyed it and all the beautiful floats.
After it had finished we had to go and collect the girls then it was time for ice cream.
Yes they were very tired.

We dropped them of then my sister and I stayed up chatted and went to bed very late.

It was such an enjoyable day.

Will share more soon.

Loves and Hugs