Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl
January Moments

As I sit and write this, my house is so quiet you see the last few days I have had one of my nieces stay over. I picked her up on Sunday afternoon and took her back home on Wednesday afternoon.
We had an adventure, we had fun.
I love it when she comes over, the house is busy and my heart is full.
We had a movie marathon, we had a feast at night with lots of yummy chocolates, chips and spider drinks.
I spoilt her, it okay it’s in the Aunties position description.
We went shopping to Smiggle, had cold icy drinks at Fast Eddy’s and went food shopping.
We stayed home and created, she was designing fashion.

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I cooked planned meals and made a lot of pink milk drinks, her favourite.
We laughed, we danced we sang, we just had fun.
Spending time with my nieces and my nephew is quality time. I love it.
It really makes me slow down and just enjoy the time that we have together.

Now I have a lot of food in my fridge that I would not really buy, and that is okay.
Will share more soon

Loves and Hugs