Let It Go

Let It Go


Yesterday I went to visit a friend and I haven’t been to her house before. Now if you know me I am not very good at following directions or reading a map. I also don’t have a GPS. I know it is something that I need to look at getting.

I picked up my niece on the way and we made it to my friend’s house with only two stops to look at the road map.

Now the issue for me is that I concentrate so well on getting to the place, that I am not thinking about how to get home.

So it was raining and we had the soundtrack of Frozen playing in the car.

My niece is in the back of the car singing and not worrying about anything much at all. I hear the occasionally Aunty Tracey can you put that song on again, can you turn it up.

I turn down a wrong street and I am saying to her does this look like the way we came.

She said no and still singing Let It Go. I think that she is busy being in the production of Frozen.

So I turn back and I can feel the frustration and anxiety rising up in me.

I stop and then I look at the road map again and the streets aren’t very well signed. (Looking for a ooh poor thing here).

So I turn the car around and I am thinking that this girl my beautiful niece in the back is trusting me she is not worried at all that I am having a little freak out moment (quietly in my head) about trying to get us home.

She is completely trusting me and singing very loudly now to Do You Want to Build A Snowman.

It is getting darker and the rain is coming down heavier now.

So I have to trust myself that this road I have decided to drive down will lead up to the main road.

I am looking at buildings, at paddocks trying to see if anything looks familiar. I have a little moment that I am thinking I am on the right road.

I said to my niece does this look familiar?

She looks around but keeps singing.

We finally make it to the main road where I know exactly how to get home.

It made me think that how many times in our lives when we say we place our trust in God and then we are having our own little lost moments. We are having our own little anxious moments.

I sometimes am thinking am I on the right road that would lead me to what he wants me to do?

How beautiful would it be just to sing and know that He has everything in control?

To totally trust Him and go where He wants to lead us.

To fully surrender.

I think for me this is a journey that I am discovering myself.

I need to trust and just like my niece sing-


And yes we did make it home maybe a bit later, all good.



Embrace Adventures

Embrace Adventures


This week has been amazing, I have enjoyed every moment.

I started the week by seeing a friend who also is such an inspiring mentor. We spent some time sitting in a café across the road was the beach, which is a really nice setting for some inspiration.  We chatted and worked on creative goals.

Then Tuesday I went to the movies to see Cinderella which is a beautiful movie. I loved it. There was a quote in Cinderella which said-

Have Courage and Be Kind

I loved that I went with my sister, my sister in law my two older nieces and my sister in laws family.

Hearing the comments and the laughs from my nieces made the experience even more memorable.

Thursday I had a great afternoon with my sister we went into the City (Perth) and explored. We shopped, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we took photos and we explored the City.

I have spent most of this week catching up with friends and family. I have loved this week sharing coffee, laughing and creating memories that I will hold onto.

I want to be able to embrace opportunities to catch up with friends, to have fun and to just enjoy life.

So I want to make time to-

  • Catch up with Family
  • Catch up with Friends
  • Be adventurous
  • Go out for Coffee
  • Explore

What will you make time for?

Why not call someone and invite them out for coffee

Will share more soon.


Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl

Life and the Single Christian Girl
January Moments

As I sit and write this, my house is so quiet you see the last few days I have had one of my nieces stay over. I picked her up on Sunday afternoon and took her back home on Wednesday afternoon.
We had an adventure, we had fun.
I love it when she comes over, the house is busy and my heart is full.
We had a movie marathon, we had a feast at night with lots of yummy chocolates, chips and spider drinks.
I spoilt her, it okay it’s in the Aunties position description.
We went shopping to Smiggle, had cold icy drinks at Fast Eddy’s and went food shopping.
We stayed home and created, she was designing fashion.

gypyandme2015 065
I cooked planned meals and made a lot of pink milk drinks, her favourite.
We laughed, we danced we sang, we just had fun.
Spending time with my nieces and my nephew is quality time. I love it.
It really makes me slow down and just enjoy the time that we have together.

Now I have a lot of food in my fridge that I would not really buy, and that is okay.
Will share more soon

Loves and Hugs