It Does Not Deserve a Name

It Does Not Deserve a Name

it story pic

(It does not deserve a name)
It has stolen years from me
It has kept me isolated
It was my best friend
It controlled me
It took away my dreams, hopes and desires.
It kept me small
It made me frail
It turned my bones into chalk
It bullied me
It gave me no direction
It controlled me
It became all I’ve known
It kept me weak
It left me frail
It was dark, ugly and deceiving
It did not have my best interest for me
It was loud
It left me empty
It left me broken
It made me feel invisible
It scared me
It was not my best friend.

Imagine having a friend like that.

I wrote this in 2008 when I was just so angry about having an eating disorder, and what it had done to me. At that stage I was in recovery.

So now fast forward seven years and my life has changed so much, my world is so much bigger.
I really wanted to encourage you that there is hope, that recovery is possible, that your life is so valuable and you are so worthy of living a full and abundant life.

I will share more soon.



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