My Life as a Primary School Chaplain

My Life as a Primary School Chaplain


I have been a primary school Chaplain for nearly four years now and I love it. I really do.

My days are never the same which I love.

Before I was a Chaplain I worked in child care for 14 years in all different areas. I worked in child care, before & after school, running a crèche and holiday progams. I really enjoyed it and all the children that I cared for. I felt after 14 years that I really needed a change and so I left.

It is scary to leave a job that you have had for a while but I am so amazed at what has happened since I have said yes to Chaplaincy.

My world has become wider and I have met the most amazing people. I have had so many new experiences and opportunities.

I love caring and helping the school communities.

I am invested in the schools that I work at and I want to make a difference.

I have said yes too many things at my schools for example being in a dunking machine at a school fete. Oh my goodness what was I thinking. I thought yes I have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge yes I can go in the dunking machine.

I have to admit I was so scared, but I did it and followed through.

I have dressed up as a fairy, as Angelina Ballerina, a cowgirl. I have been a MC for a bush dance fundraiser.

I have been asked to teach line dancing at the school western disco.

I have gone to my work in Pyjamas for a Pyjama fundraiser breakfast.

I have been a frog in a tutu with lines in an assembly.

I have and teach Zumba Kids® after school which I love.

I have handed out tissues and sat and listened to students who have needed someone to just talk too.

I have let students know that they are important.

I have learnt so much from the staff at the schools that I work in. I love how passionate they are about caring for their students.

This week I was able to attend a camp for one of the schools that I work at, this year I stayed overnight and yes I loved it.

Committed to making a difference.

Will share more soon


Write Your Story

Write Your Story


I am passionate about seeing women walk into their purpose and their destiny. I want to see women dream big, to be passionate about their lives and to know that they have value, worth and that they are loved.

Yes you are.

I am staring a new series on my blog about my journey with an eating disorder.

I am being very vulnerable here aahhh!

If I want to help others then I need to be brave and share my journey.

I really want to focus on recovery and what that looked like for me.

When I was going through my journey I really wanted to meet someone who had recovered.

I really needed to see someone who had recovered and was living a full and abundant life.

So follow me through this journey of faith, of friendships, of mentors, of tears, of the amazing people in my life, through the hard work, through the decisions that I had to make and to where I am now.

I will share more soon.

This is my story


Embrace Opportunities

Embrace Opportunities


I haven’t blogged for a little while, I have been busy pursuing creative projects which I have enjoyed.

I have been saying yes to opportunities to embrace them.

Last weekend I was invited by some lovely friends to sing at a Mother’s Day high tea which was so lovely.

I love how a community comes together to just let others know that they are valued and that they deserve to have a nice time.

So I had been practising for the last few weeks, I enjoyed singing and sharing my testimony.

Then on the Sunday I spoke at my lovely church my talk was called Arise and Shine Beautiful One.

This is the link for the message that I spoke on-

hope you enjoy.

I loved speaking and I am so grateful for the opportunities that I am able to share and to give back.

I want to make a difference has been my statement for the last few years.

Every opportunity that is presented to me I really want to embrace, I want to live my life to the full.

I have also been busy learning dance routines and making a crown for my nieces 10th birthday. Creative projects are all around.

I really love the direction of my life and who would have ever thought 7 years ago that my life would be so full.

I am actually walking into my dreams and desirers.

This is just the beginning and I am really excited to see what the rest of the year will look like.

The scripture that is just encouraging me at the moment-

Matthew21:22 If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

What opportunities are being present to you?

What has been on your to do list?

Be encouraged.

Will share more soon.