Write Your Story

Write Your Story


I am passionate about seeing women walk into their purpose and their destiny. I want to see women dream big, to be passionate about their lives and to know that they have value, worth and that they are loved.

Yes you are.

I am staring a new series on my blog about my journey with an eating disorder.

I am being very vulnerable here aahhh!

If I want to help others then I need to be brave and share my journey.

I really want to focus on recovery and what that looked like for me.

When I was going through my journey I really wanted to meet someone who had recovered.

I really needed to see someone who had recovered and was living a full and abundant life.

So follow me through this journey of faith, of friendships, of mentors, of tears, of the amazing people in my life, through the hard work, through the decisions that I had to make and to where I am now.

I will share more soon.

This is my story