Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl


Do you every feel like you are invisible, like the world is passing you by? Have you ever felt that you are standing still, but everyone is enjoying their life and you have been left behind?

This was what my life was like about 7 to 9 years ago.

I felt like I was in the way, I felt like I had no voice, I felt like no one noticed me, I felt like my opinions did not mater:

I was invisible

I am sure that this was not the thought of my friends or family but to me this was very real.

I still showed up to work and worked very hard; I still did what others wanted me to do. I was just going through the motions.

I was in the grips of an illness that controlled me.

I wanted to hide away.

Breaking the hold and breaking the control of the illness was hard. It was very real.

I am grateful of walking through this and recovering.

I have learnt so much along the journey and discovered who I really am.

I really have, I have empathy for others, I can relate to what others are going through.

I know that you can change your life and live an amazing life.

Do I feel invisible now?

No I am loud, I love life, I laugh a lot, I want to learn new things and I want to give back and help others.

If this is how you are feeling, let me encourage you to talk to someone who is safe. Talk to a professional like a psychologist, see your local GP.

Phone lifeline if you need to talk to someone.

Reach out and talk to someone who you trust.

You are too important for the world not to see your amazing gifts and talents that you have to share.

You have so much to give.

I believe in you.

Will share more soon.



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