Changing Ways

Changing Ways


Lately I have that been thinking about that saying-

If you always do things the same way then you will always get the same results.

The last month I have found the weekends to be a time of refreshing, a time to work on projects, to pray and to slow down. You see I have been having a bit of a staycation, I have been enjoying the time staying home and not having to be anywhere and to just spend some time at home. I have also been embracing the time to catch up with family and to just enjoy being with them.

Its funny how in life things can change? I never really liked spending time by myself, it was difficult and I felt very lonely.

Now I love spending time on my own, I really do. It’s important and I do need it and I need to do it well.

I feel that I have needed to have a time of resting. The last 6 months have been busy and things have happened and I have not taken the time to process events before I move onto the next project.

The other night I went to a creative night and met other creatives. I heard from other women that having the space to really focus on being creative helped with their creative ideas. It helped their creativeness to flow to develop.

At the moment I find myself in a new season of stretching of taking a dream, a project, a goal and taking the plunge into embracing it.

I have needed a reminder of why I do what I do.

Changing Ways is my focus for this month and the next month.

Changing ways will bring new experiences into my life, it will challenge me, it will motivate me and it will encourage me.

Is there something in your life that is challenging you to develop a dream or a goal?

What is one thing you can do today to take a step toward your goal?

Changing ways.

Will share more soon.



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