The last few months I have felt a little stuck, stuck with creativity and stuck with where I am at in my life.

Don’t panic it is all good, I am okay. Yes really I am.

I love my career and I love what I able to do and all the people that I am able to meet and that I am able to journey with.

I think what I really needed was to rest, to spend some time at home on my own.

I have still been going out but not as much as I have wanted too.

The time that I have had on my own has been good.

I feel that November, that now is the time to-


I want to mix things up a bit.

I suppose that I need a few new projects.

I have an amazing supervisor with my Chaplaincy and I am reminded of the questions that he asked me-

  1. What are you doing to replenish yourself?
  2. Are you getting time to exercise?
  3. Are you connecting into a church?

I am reminded daily about these questions and making the time to replenish myself.

I have also gone back to boxing and I am loving it.

I have decided to go to a friend’s church and just fellowship there.

I have to continually remind myself of these three questions daily to keep them fresh in my mind. Also to remind me that these are important things that I need to do to run my race.

So my challenge for November is to breakout to shake things up a bit and to catch up with friends.

I also want to get back to singing to make this a priority.

Stay Tuned November is exciting.

What is something that you can do to breakout this November?

I would love to hear your ideas?

Will share more soon.



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