Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning


For you have been a shelter for me.  A strong tower from the enemy. I will trust in the shelter of your wings.

Psalm 61:3-4

I love this scripture from Psalm 61:3-4, it provides a beautiful picture of how God cares for us and shelters us.

I had one of those mornings on Thursday. I was getting ready for work organising what I had to take and trying to remember to pack everything I needed for the day.

I was walking through a section of my house that is separated by curtains, well the next thing I knew the curtain rod had fallen and had hit me on the head.

In my rush to be ready I had accidently pulled on the curtain making it easy for the curtain rod to fall on me.

In that single moment fear gripped me, the thoughts that were running through my head were-

  • Ouch
  • Oh my goodness I don’t have time for concussion this morning.
  • Do I have a concussion?
  • I have to put the curtains and the curtain rod back up
  • Oh my gosh I need to get to work
  • My head is sore.

For that single moment fear had me in its sight.

Fear invited me, fear was doing its best to stop me from enjoying a beautiful day.

I made the decision that fear had no place here.

I felt the top of my head where the curtain rod had landed and a small lump was beginning to grow.

I was thinking no; I am strong I will be okay.

I was also thinking that I need to get to work.

I have a 40-minute drive to my work and I could not afford to be delayed anymore.

Then I couldn’t find my keys!


I could feel the fear bubbling up, wanting to overtake me to stop me once again.

After about 5 minutes looking everywhere for my keys I found them.

Insert here a sigh of relief.

I was then out the door and driving to work.

I was fine, I was okay. So I did have a small lump on my head, but it was okay.

Fear-nil, Me-one.

How do you deal with those little interruptions?

How do you stop fear from controlling your day?

Will share more soon.



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