Daily Reading: 1 Peter 1:7

These trials will show that your faith is genuine.

As you know a few weeks ago I was involved in a car accident. Someone ran into the rear of my car.

As soon as it happened I was gripped by fear and memories of the car accident that I was in, in 2004 came flooding back.

I remembered in 2004 how my life became trapped and I spiralled down into battling an eating disorder.

This time it is different, this time I am not letting it destroy me. This time I am stronger.

I have an amazing physio who treated me in my last accident. At the moment I am being treated for whiplash and I can’t go back to boxing for now.

This year one of my non negotiables was twice a week going to boxing. Which I was loving.

This has been interrupted first by having pneumonia in March. I had to rest and take it easy for about 6 weeks. Then the week before the car accident I went back to boxing. Then the car accident happened and now I have to wait to go back to boxing.

I have decided that I will not crumble, I will not give into the fear.

I am in pain, but I will not let that pain control me.

I feel stronger this time.

I am different from the girl I was in 2004, my life is full.

I have great friends, I am a writer, I am a blogger, I am a creative and I have an amazing job that I love.

I love the scripture- No weapon formed against me shall prosper, from Isaiah 54:17. I am standing on this promise.

I know that I will get back to boxing and I will get back to being able to dance and exercise. I just need to be patient and let my body heal properly. Oh and listen to my physio.

Watch this place.


Do You Find Yourself in a Season of Being Single?

Do You Find Yourself in a Season of Being Single?


Daily Reading:  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Daily Devo:

Dear Beautiful One

Do you find yourself in a season of being single?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says be thankful in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

Be thankful in this season, start praising God.

This is a time to learn more about Him and what he wants to do in your life.

Buy yourself a beautiful journal and a pen. Find yourself a nice space to sit, it could be a lovely chair at home, a café a restaurant, the park. Make yourself a nice drink, coffee, tea etc. Make sure that you have your Bible as well.

Now write out the following questions, take your time to pray about them and then write out the answers.

  • Help me to be content while I am single?
  • What is it that You God want me to learn in this season?
  • God I want to know You more, help me to hear Your voice?
  • What will I do to spend more time with You God?
  • How am I going to make a difference in my community?

You can choose to focus on one question a day or week it is up to you.

Embrace this time to learn more about yourself.

Embrace this time to soak in the word of God and what He is saying to you in this season?

Enjoy this time.


Creative Retreat

Creative Retreat


On the weekend I was so blessed to be able to attend a writing retreat down south.

I left work on Friday on time and arrived home to finish packing for the adventure.

I had been looking forward to this retreat for a while and excitement was building.

My lovely friend picked me up and the drive there was such a great time to catch up.

The weekend was a great opportunity to focus on the direction of my writing.

The place where we stayed was near the beach and it had a lovely log fire in the lounge room, which was nice as the weather was stormy.

I was so encouraged by the other women that were there and hearing their stories really moved me.

I feel that I have a new direction in how I want to write.

I am really grateful for the opportunity and the time away.

I am thinking now that it is something that I would like to do maybe every few months. Just have that time away where I can just focus on being creative.

When I am home I can become easily distracted in those little moments of –

  • I might just go through some papers
  • I might vacuum
  • I might watch a bit of TV
  • The list could go on…

Having the space to create is really important to me.

I am excited to see what happens in the next few months.

Will share more soon.


Goodbye Fear

Goodbye Fear


Daily Reading: Fear not, for I am with you: Be not dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Daily Devotional:

This is a letter to fear in your life

Dear Fear

Fear it is time for you to go.

Fear you have been evicted from our lives.

We have had enough of you controlling our lives and it is time for you to leave.

By saying goodbye to you it will allow us to live the life that God has intended for us.

No longer will we be bound by your control; no longer will we shrink back.

We have listened to your lies long enough.

We know that you are a liar.

Fear we will challenge your lies by the word of God and what he says about us.

God’s word says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God is in our lives and he said Fear not for I am will you.

Fear when you leave and when we look to God our lives will be changed for the better.

You may still be hanging around in the background but we will not let us stop what we have been called to do.

Fear we do not fear you anymore.

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to fear to say goodbye?

The verse from Isaiah is encouraging.

Together let’s encourage one another.

So for today let’s Pray, dream and walk boldly knowing that God is with us.

Be bold, be brave, be courageous.


A Desire to Make a Difference

A Desire to Make a Difference


Daily Reading:

Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.

Daily Devotional:

Dear Daughter of the King

Ephesians 3:20 Is a great reminder that when we pray to God about doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God we have his Holy Spirit working in us. His Power that works in us.

Meditate on the verse for a moment.

Write this verse out and place it somewhere to encourage you every day.

This is exciting.

Your desire maybe that you long to be a married woman and you find yourself now in a season of being a single woman.

Use this time to find out more about yourself. Use this time to make a difference.

Use this time to explore your gifts and talents.

You were designed to make a difference.

You were created to make a difference.

What are you passionate about?

What is a need that you see that you can do something about?

Step out knowing that you are not alone, He is with you.

Start volunteering, this could be in your church, your community, at your school or in an organisation that you feel connected too.

Pray to God and ask Him what he would like you to do.

Say Yes to new opportunities and see where that leads you.

You have amazing potential, believe what He says about you.

When you step out by saying yes, our world expands and new opportunities and experiences come to us.

Life is an adventure, go out and explore try new things, see what happens.

Praying for you.





A Creative

A Creative



Yesterday I arrived home from work exhausted I wanted to stay home, it is becoming darker earlier now as we are now in Autumn.

I had already committed to attending an evening where creative’s all gather together. It is such a safe and encouraging space.

I had already decided that I wanted to attend so despite my tiredness I went.

I love that about 150 women can meet together in a café in the city and embrace and discover that they are creative.

There was coffee to drink, tea to drink, new people to meet and friends to catch up with.

The café was decorated beautifully, woman sat, they sat on chairs, they sat on the floor and they mingled they chatted.

I love hearing stories about others creative’s, hearing what had inspired them, what they did to achieve a dream to achieve a goal. I loved the vulnerability of the speakers, the passion that they had to share their stories.

The stories were inspiring, I sat there caught up in the creative atmosphere.

We then broke up into small groups and we shared our heart about creating.

Some women were wondering if they were creative?

Yes, I said I wanted to encourage them I wanted them to know that they have something to create.

I think that we can all doubt that we are creative, it’s like we think that maybe we need to have a degree in it.

We were created to………………………

I don’t know where you are in your creative journey, be encouraged start that project, begin that painting, write, draw, journal, blog.

What are you passionate about?

Whatever you have the desire to do, begin the creative journey.

Will share more soon.





I love writing, it is one of my creative outlets.

Sometimes though I get stuck and I can’t think about what to write.

I can get distracted, I can think of others things that I need to do.

But then when I have not written for a while there is an emptiness somewhere inside me that longs to write. There is something inside me that needs to write.

I have discovered that through writing I have found my voice.

Writing allows me to express how I am feeling; it allows me to share a bit of what I have been through. Hopefully through writing I can help someone.

My goal is to make a difference.

I am still learning and I know the more you write the more you learn.

The other day I made a list of all the things that I could write about and they included-

  • Being Creative
  • Caring for people
  • Mentoring
  • Devotionals
  • Self-Care
  • Eating Disorder
  • Single Life
  • Waiting Well
  • New Experiences
  • Being a Women of God
  • Scriptures that Encourages Me
  • Chaplaincy

When I look at this list I am reminded now, how full my life is.

Now I have a whole heap of ideas I will share more soon.

Be encouraged