A Weekend Away

A Weekend Away



I was asked if I wanted to go on a retreat last week, I wasn’t too sure at first. Then I had thought about just saying yes to new adventures so I went. At first I was only going to stay one night then I ended up staying the whole weekend.

I only knew one person going there was 7 of us all together.

I was so grateful that my friend drove.

So I met 5 new amazing women and I loved the weekend.

The weekend was full of walking to the beach, eating, drinking coffee, chatting and laughing.

I also had the most amazing coffee. As you may know I love coffee and the place we went to was Spill the Beans.

I kept on raving about my coffee.

The place where we stayed was right across the road from the beach, the view from the house was amazing.

I love the sound of the beach, there is something so soothing to me.

I was so determined on Saturday that I wanted to go for a work in the afternoon and to just sit on the beach and think.

Well the weather on Saturday was quite stormy, but I remained hopeful.

We did end up going for a walk on Saturday late afternoon. The weather was still windy and it looked like it would rain.

It was freezing but in a way exhilarating. We did go to the beach and the roaring of the waves was quite loud.

Then it poured, the rain was stinging my face.

We did it though the walk was achieved.

We spent Saturday night playing board games, I loved laughing and just being in the moment.

We do need time to take time to get away from our everyday life.

We need time to just be and enjoy being in the moment.

I loved the whole weekend.





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