My Happy Place

My Happy Place


Last week I was at one at my boxing sessions and I was in the boxing ring and the instructor said “Are you enjoying the workout?”

I said to him “This is my happy place.”

Now probably to some of you reading this you might think to yourself what does boxing training have to do with a happy place? How can you be enjoying exercise, how can exercise be anyone’s happy place?

As you know I work as a Chaplain and I love my job and what I get to do, I really do. When you are in a role where you are caring and giving you do need to look after yourself.

Self-care is really important and I don’t think that last year I was very good at looking after myself.

At the beginning of the year I made a few non-negotiables to myself. One of my non-negotiables was to commit to boxing twice a week.

I love going to boxing it is a combination of skipping, weights, push ups, sit ups, planking and then we start on the bag work.

The boxing session last for about one hour but during that hour I am just focusing on being there. I am focusing on being in the moment. I am not thinking about what I have to do after, or what I still have to do on my to do list.

For one hour I am fully focused on what I am doing.

For one hour I am full focused on working on my strength both physically and mentally.

For one hour I am looking after myself.

I have been going for the last seven weeks and I definitely notice the difference.

I have decided that this is a priority in my week and I will make the time to go.

So for me one hour of boxing is my happy place.

What is your happy place?

What do you do where you can just focus on you? It might be for 15 minutes of the day, but I would encourage you to find something or somewhere that is your happy place.

My Happy Place




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