Just Write

Just Write


Yesterday I went to my first Shut Up and Write sessions.

It is where a group of writers meet in a coffee shop and just write. Yesterday there were four of us and we met at a beautiful coffee shop in Mt Hawthorn.

The purpose of the session is just to focus on a project that we are working on and just write. The timer is set on an agreed time, first for 25 minutes and then we just write. Then we have a break and chat. Then the timer is set for 40 minutes this time and we again just write. Then we have a break and the timer is set again for 40 minutes.

There is something about writing in blocks of time that really helped me focus a lot more.

I love the opportunity to just sit and to just write. Oh and to drink great coffee.

The coffee shop was busy with people having coffee, having breakfast. As I was writing and working on my book, conservations from the other people in the coffee shops were there in the background. The background noise of conversations floated in and out as I was writing. I thought that they would distract me but, they didn’t.

I achieved so much yesterday.

I have organised my book and I have written a few devotionals.

So, my thought is why cannot I get that much done at home?

Why cannot I put the timer on at home and allow myself to just write?

Meeting in a coffee shop with other writers gives me accountability. I had to make the time, show up and write.

I am encouraged when I am sitting with others who love to write.

When I am at home and write, I can get distracted and you just seemed to notice that things need to be cleaned.

This can be a good thing though; your house get cleaned.

Making the effort to meet at a coffee shop, with others works for me.

Yes, this is something that I would like to do a lot more.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I wrote and wrote and wrote.

It was a bit of a breakthrough day.

I have a real purpose to write now, the book idea is flowing and I couldn’t be happier about it.

What is something that you can put your timer on and work on for just 25 minutes this week?










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