When One Door Closes

When One Door Closes



It is coming to the end of the school term and I have made the decision to leave two of my support schools.

It was not an easy decision to make.

I am working as a school Chaplain at four amazing schools. I love what I get to do and I really don’t see them as a job.

Things have changed at one of my in schools and I am taking a leap of faith.

Insert a little scream here.

I have peace about it though.

I have some new projects that I want to do next year.

I am a little excited, to say the least about some new possibilities for next year.

I thought that saying goodbye to the support school communities would be okay? You see I have been working at one school for 2 and a half years and the other school for 2 years. I have learnt heaps as a Support Chaplain and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I knew that letting the students know would be difficult and I will miss them. I really will.

So, for now I am closing the door to the support schools which I have been so blessed to be at.

Now I am opening another door to a different 2017.

Is there something this year that you are making a decision about?

Is there a change that you want to see in your life?

Pray about it.

Talk to friends that can encourage you and help you step into your goals.

I am excited about next year.

Be encouraged.




Tis The Season…………

Tis The Season…………


Tis the Season……………….


Tis the season to be busy?

Do you feel like the lead up to Christmas is full?

Do you have long list of things to do?

As I write this there is only 22 days until Christmas Day.

Yes, 22 days!

I love this time of year I love the whole celebration of Christmas and to me it is really important. I love the decorations up at the shops, I love Christmas Carols and I love Christmas movies.

I want to enjoy Christmas Day and I don’t wake up on Christmas morning exhausted.

I want to embrace the whole day and soak up every bit of the experience.

How do I get to Christmas Day and still have the time to enjoy it?

Today I had the intention of getting up early and going to boxing at 8am. After boxing I had planned to go and help at one of the schools I am at.

I woke up had breakfast and then was having my coffee (I love coffee) and thinking okay I really have to hurry up if I am going to make it to boxing. In my head the plan was great but my body today was not willing. I then decided that it was okay not to go to boxing first.

I had to be kind to myself.

So, my thought is to be kind to yourself.

Look after yourself and say no to things, it is okay.

Plan your days, make a list if you need to.

Plan to have some rest time.

Schedule in to do the things that you enjoy.

Acknowledge what you have accomplished.

Does this really need to be the season to be busy?

How can we simplify the lead up to Christmas?

This afternoon I am choosing to just watch some TV and to read. This afternoon for me is a time to recharge because tomorrow I have to…………………..

Tis the season to be jolly.