New Season 2018

New Season 2018



I have had a little break from my blog and I must say that I really miss writing.

I have had quite a busy time last year, I brought a lovely unit in May and I love being here.

I have also been quite busy in my role as a Chaplain and have been developing new programs at the schools that I work at.

One of the new programs that I have developed is Girls Group, which is for girls from year 4 to 6 and I love this program.

I have also started studying last year in June, I am finally studying a Diploma in Counselling which I love.

It just complements want I am doing in my role as a Chaplain.

I have also just been really busy at the schools that I work at.

It has been busy but I love what I get to do, I really do.

I have also made a commitment and am now back at a lovely church that I was involved in for over 10 years. I love being back at this amazing church, I feel like I am at home.

So yes, a new season.

Would love to hear what you have started this year.

I will be sharing more soon.



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