Be Encouraged

Be Encouraged



A few weeks ago, I embarked on a creative project, I really wanted to encourage women, this had been on my heart to do for some time now.

So, I started experimenting with colours, paints and cards. It was so much fun and I was really in the moment. I love giving to others.


Another little adventure was going to the post office and finding out how much stamps cost. I went to the post office to buy some stamps, which I had not purchased for a long time. I found out to send a letter in Australia it was one dollar, to send a letter to America it was three dollars, to send a letter to England one dollar and to send a letter to Bali it was two dollars thirty.

Who knew?

The creative journey began, women messaged me and I wrote to them encouraging them. I wanted to them to know that they are so worthy, valued and loved. The message where personal just for them. I thought about how much they helped others and how amazing they are.

Do you need encouragement?

Would you like a letter?

We all need some encouragement from time to time.

Be brave.

You can nominate someone to receive a beautiful encouraging card.

Will share more soon.






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